In order to win you need to fill out the information and by filling it out you are also agreeing to the following:
1.   Update a BLOG on the Indiana Trail Running website on a regular (weekly) basis on your training.    
2.   Wear ITR products during the race. (a technical or racing singlet will be provided.  -   ITR is trying to get other sponsors to donate products)
3.   ITR is permitted to use the all provided information for the Indiana Trail 100 event only.
4.   Judges will be Terry Fletcher, owner of Indiana Trail Running and SPORTZbizz Massage LLC Indianatrail100 committee members, along with 2 others named later.
IMPORTANT DATES: Starts on 9/27/12    
  Ends midnight 10/14/12    
  Winners announced on 10/17/12    
Age: (day of race)    
Email Address:    
Phone Number    
Current resident/location    
Personal Website or Blog?  

Running Information      
Total years running This is the total years running.  
Total years running trails Total year running trails.  
What do you run? Do you run trails and road or just trails?  
Number of Ultras: Number of ultra's completed  
Is this your first 100 miler?    
Favorite ultra distance    
Favorite race completed Favorite trail race.  
Longest training run completed This is the number of miles on a training run.  
Longest ultra race completed This is the number of miles in a race.  
Judging Criteria  
What does it mean to run Indiana's first 100mile organized race?

Provide a description about why you deserve to win the contest and a free entry into the Indiana trail 100? 

We are looking for creativity and only 2-3 paragraphs.  NOT A NOVEL!

My suggestion for the above paragraph is to write it in word or something like word first, save it, and then paste it into this field.  That way you can make sure it's correct before sending it the first time.  If not you will have to fill out the form again or send me your updated information and that will be very time consuming for me.   Thank you!